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August 3, 2010

Broken Stuff

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I saw a brown paper lunch bag on the kitchen counter.  I didn’t pay much attention to it.  The next day it was still there.  And the next.  Saturday morning, I noticed it again.  I reached over to pick it up. 

It was heavy, and it tinkled.  It was full of broken pottery, ceramic and glass.  It was the remains of my collection of jars, vases, pots and knick knacks I kept on the shelf in the back bedroom.

“I wondered when you’d get around to asking about that,” my husband said.

Molly vs My Universe, Chapter 6.

Early this morning I got up to pee.  I didn’t bother to turn on the overhead light.  My foot found a little something on the floor.  Something sharp…and broken.   I reached down and pulled the little something from the bottom of my foot.  It was the head from my little gondolier figurine.  Somehow I can’t see him committing suicide by leaping from the bathroom shelf to die on the tile floor. 

Chapter 7

Oh yeah, we’re still looking for his body AND his gondola…out in the backyard with a shovel and a stick.  My husband refuses to call in the CSI crew.


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