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December 22, 2008

White Christmas in Vegas

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Last Monday, the sun missed it’s flight and got held over in Phoenix.  We woke to gray skies, chilly breezes and moisture in the air.  By 9:00 it was clear that something was drastically wrong.  By 11:30, my emergency bags were packed, my TV was tuned to the local news channel and I was just waiting for Mayor Oscar Goodman to give the evacuation command.  By noon, I couldn’t understand why the National Guard hadn’t knocked on my door to tell me I had 15 minutes to make it out of town before they closed the pass.

I waited another 30 minutes just to be sure.  Then I gave up and drove to work.


On Wednesday, the same thing happened.  No sunrise.  No warmth.  Just cold wind, sleet, icy roads and more snow.  The airport closed at 5:15 pm.  The highway patrol closed I-15 at the stateline.  Hwy 160 to the west was closed, and so was Hwy 95/93 to Boulder City and Arizona.  For some reason, they kept I-15 to the north open (as if anyone would even consider driving NORTH toward Utah in a Blizzard!).

Some parts of the valley got up to 10 inches of the white stuff.  Schools were closed on Thursday.  A snow day in Vegas!  Good thing, too.  Thursday morning was in the low 50s, with clear skies and bright sunshine.  No snow. No ice.  Just another sunny day.


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