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March 3, 2012


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The word “march” brings back powerful memories of high school drill team and basic training. Almost 30 years later, the word “March” brings to mind the vicious winds that shred the blossoms on my fruit trees.

Springtime in Las Vegas….this is why I continue to live here. As I commit to another year in the desert, I renew my commitments to my garden, my house, myself… writing…my search for spirituality…my health…and my blog!


March 6, 2011


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I was three when Robby was born.  I remember being devastated that he wasn’t a little sister.  When I found out his name was Robert Douglas, I took to my rocking chair with a vengeance.  “Ugly Dugly.  Ugly Dugly,” I repeated to myself until I fell asleep.  Robby and I have had a tumultous relationship over the years.  I don’t think I’ve ever forgiven him for not meeting my expectations.

The baby of our family, christened Thomas Wilson, was mom’s Angel Baby.  The four of us ‘non-angel babies’  resented his nickname.  We tried to convince him his name was “Mot.”  He looked like an angel with his blonde curls, blue eyes, impossibly long eyelashes  and an impressive array of freckles. 

Jimmy, the oldest of my brothers, I called “Bimbo.”  I think I originally called him “Jimbo”, but “Bimbo” sounded funnier.  He was diagnosed with lazy eye and had to wear an eye patch for about a year.   He developed allergies to all things green and had to swallow pills and endure weekly shots until he was in his teens.

Carrie never got a nickname.  She never even got a middle name.  Since she is 18 months older than I am, I don’t know anything about her first few years in our home, but I’m convinced that something made her angry and she’s held onto it ever since.  Come to think of it, it could have been me.

Growing up, I was daddy’s “Pretty Pet.  Now, one of my nephews calls me “Aunt Sweetpea.”  One calls me “Cio Cio ReeRee”.  To my nieces, I am “Auntie Cindy.”  For a few days when he was three, my step-grandson called me, “Grandmop.”  Now I’m Grandma Cindy.

March 28, 2010

Bob and Mocha

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One evening a few years ago, Bailey and I met Mocha in the field at the edge of our neighborhood a few years ago.  He’s a chubby chocolate lab with a happy tail and a battery-operated lighted collar attached to a retractable leash.  A few minutes later, we met Bob at the other end of Mocha’s retractable leash.  They live three blocks over on one of the main streets in our tract.  Bailey and I walk past their house every day, and stop to visit if they are hanging out in the garage.

One day last Spring, we saw Mocha running loose in the field and Bob sitting in his truck on the edge of the road.  He told me that he’d just had surgery to repair an old ankle injury and he couldn’t walk.  For several months, he hobbled around on crutches and Mocha got a little chubbier. Several times over the last couple months, I saw another neighbor, Bill and his dog Chloe, walking with Mocha. 

Last Saturday, Bailey and I met Bill, Chloe and Mocha on the street.  I asked him how Bob was doing, since I hadn’t seen him in a few weeks.  He said, “Bob’s dead.  His doctor wouldn’t refill his prescription for his pain medication, so he drove home to get his gun, returned to the doctor’s office and shot himself in the head.”

February 3, 2009

Time to Say Goodnight

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Just for fun, “Time to Say Goodnight”, also known as The Bellagio Song:


February 19, 2008

The man can drink coffee . . .

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Tim Hallinan

Over the weekend, my friend and I drove out to Santa Monica to meet Tim Hallinan, author of several novels and fellow Dickens Challenger. He selected the location, The Novel Cafe, where he does most of his writing when he’s in town.

I was very nervous about meeting him, so I brought my friend (screen name: Angel) with me. The minute he walked into the courtyard, I recognized him from the photo on his website ( As I extended my hand to greet him, he pushed right past it and enveloped me in a warm, welcoming hug. I realized I had nothing to be nervous about. I introduced Angel, who also received a hug, and then he gave me a copy of his next book, The Fourth Watcher.

Cindy with Watcher

After he ordered a tureen-sized coffee, we discovered he and Angel had friends in common, and then spent the next few minutes playing who/where/when . . . It was fun to listen and watch how animated he is when he speaks. The word sparkly comes to mind. He told us about the book he just finished, Bad Money. It sounds like it’s going to be another great novel.

Angel had a lot of questions about how he comes up with his ideas, how he writes, etc. He patiently and quite generously answered all our questions. Then he asked if I wouldn’t mind loaning him my copy of A Nail Through The Heart, so he could sign it for the waitress at The Novel Cafe. She was almost delirious with gratitude, as you can see in the photo below.

After a second tureen-sized cup of coffee, we drove him home and he replaced my copy of his book. I can’t imagine meeting a more genuine, generous, sparkly guy — AND he’s one heck of a good writer!

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