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November 19, 2008

Driving down the road in Vegas . . . 11/19/08

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I saw a hand-painted sign advertising “Sexy Shoes:  $4.99 and up”, and then a hundred yards or so down the road, I saw another hand-painted sign advertising “G-Strings only $5.” 

Hunh….And I would have sworn that sexy shoes cost more than a G-String.


June 19, 2008

Favorite Things in Las Vegas (Off the Strip)

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A recent post by from e-friend, Lisa Kenney, prompted me to write about my favorite things to do/see in Las Vegas that have nothing to do with the Strip. So here goes, not in any particular order:

1. Red Rock Canyon. This gorgeous park is a national conservation area, located just west of Las Vegas. They have a visitor’s center where you can learn about desert life and the history of the valley. A 13-mile scenic drive through the park boasts the most beautiful landscapes in Nevada. Not to be missed!

2. Valley of Fire State Park. Perhaps one of the worst websites, but this park was voted by the Las Vegas Review Journal as the best place to take out of town visitors in 2008. Lovely rock formations, interesting landscape, and clean air.

3. Mount Charleston Located just 35 miles NW of town, Mount Charleston offers hiking, horseback riding, and many other mountain sports. Locals make the drive up the hill to take a break from our 100+ degree temperatures. Where else can you leave your hotel, where it’s 115 degrees, drive for less than a half hour, and have a snowball fight?

4. Springs Preserve Formerly the Desert Demonstration Gardens, this incredible living display of desert beauty is not to be missed.

5. St. Joseph Husband of Mary Catholic Church An oasis of peace and serenity.

6. Atomic Testing Museum Fifty plus years of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site documented in one location. Not to be missed.

7. Fellini’s Restaurant Amazing italian food. Good service. Did I mention the wine list?

EDITED 8/26/08:  Fellini’s has moved from their Charleston location to the SUNCOAST Casino.  Their menu has changed slightly.  I’ll have to visit the new location and see what I think about the revised menu before I comment.

8. My backyard. The hanging gardens of Babylon, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thanks to my husband, Bob (aka: Mr. Greenjeans). This is where we sit in the evenings, listening to the oldies station, with a glass of wine. And on weekends, this is where you can find me when I’m not writing.

EDITED 8/26/08:  Photos posted here.

9. Nellis AFB, or more specifically, The USAF Aerial Demonstration Team (Be sure your speakers are turned on.) Ooooh, these guys are good! And they practice just outside of town.

10. Plant World Nursery I love the tortoises! I like to take my lunch and walk around visiting the giant birds and the tortoises.

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