An Uncapped Pen

Casual Duty

Thousands of young men and women join the military every year with one thing in common.  They must all face the question, “Will I succeed, or will I be sent home in disgrace?”

Casual Duty, a mystery novel set in the Arizona desert where Private Bridie Traynor is assigned to the US Army Intelligence Center for training as an Intel Analyst.  She arrives at Fort Huachuca fresh out of Basic Training and eager to being the next phase of her training when she discovers that the competition for training slots is fierce and not always fair. 

While awaiting a slot, Bridie is assigned to casual duty — cutting grass, painting rocks and helping prepare for the upcoming Desert Training Exercise that the Post Commander insists will “put Fort Huachuca on the map.”   When the body of a young woman is found on a remote range, authorities on the post attempt to squash the investigation to prevent complications for the upcoming exercise. 

Bridie is forced to use her new skills to help find the killer before he kills again.


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