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September 8, 2008

Wonderful Words

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 Since I wrote a post last week about Annoying Words, I thought I’d give equal time to a few words I love.  While compiling this quick list, I noticed an abundance of onomatopoeic words.  I listed words that sound funny or look funny, words that flow smoothly or sharply, and even a few that are just plain silly.  I also included a few words that have a more personal reference.

Articulate – I learned this word when I started playing the flute.  It sounds tight, and clean — no fuzz!

Astronomy – It sounds soft and dreamy and full of unbelievable possibilities, yet sparkly and mysterious.

Beep – I can’t help but think of the Roadrunner cartoon.

Bilabial Click (affricate-like release, a click of consonants) – I couldn’t believe this was a word.  It’s too weird not to love.

Bubble – Reminds me of good times in the backyard with the super-duper giant bubble wand.  I don’t like “bauble” or “bobble.”

Cadenza – Splashy, show-offy, sparkly…and the end is coming.  Cadenza is good.  Credenza?  No, thanks.

Cinnamon – One of my favorite spices.  Cinnamon and sugar toast!  Also reminds me of the time I got into my sister’s candle-making supplies and rubbed cinnamon oil under my nose.  Zowie!  I had a burn for weeks!

Constellation – See astronomy above.

Creepy – I just like the way it sounds.  I think creepy things are icky.

Dance – I wish I could.  I wish I could just let go and let it fly (without killing or maiming anyone).  Dance implies rhythm, looseness, abandon, passion, honesty.  Raw-ness.  The word itself starts off hard and solid, and ends up soft and smooth.  What a great word!

Dipthong/triphthong – I learned these in Fourth Grade, thank you Mrs. Bostwick.  I was sure she’d made them up.

Eerie – See creepy above.

Extricate – My mom taught my little brother how to say this word when he was two years old.  I loved hearing him pronounce it!  Also, it implies extracting yourself from a really sticky situation.

Fire – I love fire and I love the efficiency of the word–short and sweet.

Gay – I can’t imagine a happier word, the original intent (not when used as a derogatory label for people.)

Giggle – It’s silly.  I love to hear children giggle.  See Moose Bite below.

Glee – Happiness in motion, riding your bike with no hands.

Glide – Happiness in motion, sliding the length of the hallway in your socks.

Gracious – So Jackie-O.

Hiss – The sound, not the reptile that makes the sound.

Honey – As a term of endearment.

Hoot – I like owls.  I enjoy activities that can be described “as a hoot.”  I like the character in Blackhawk Down.

Hum – It tickles.

Icky – One of my most favorite words.  Since I am picky.

Imagine – No explanation necessary.

Joy –  Unbridled.  What could be better?

Kiss – :-D

Mercurial – I can’t actually pronounce it, but I love the twisty bends my tongue makes trying to say it.  Oh yeah, and I’m a Gemini.

Moose Bite – My nieces do this all the time.  When you’re not looking, they pinch your bottom and shout, “Moose Bite!”   Guaranteed to result in a fit of giggling.

Mustard – German mustard, or Grey Poupon.  The word sounds funny, too…MUSS-terd.

Occlusion – I wore braces for three years hoping for occlusion.  I’ve had enough of his second cousin, “malocclusion.”

Opacity – Just sounds cool.  I like “Opaque”, too.

Pleiades – A constellation I can usually find.  I like the story of the Seven Sisters.  And it’s fun to say.

Queue – Just a funny looking word.  Makes “standing in line” seem a little mundane.

Reciprocity – My friend Nelly, may she rest in peace, came from Belgium.  Many of her words and pronunciations fit neatly into the category of Engrish.  She couldn’t say “owe”, as in “I owe you $5.”  But the word “reciprocity” flowed trippingly off her tongue.

Sibilant – This word sounds like great fodder for a tongue twister about Sybil and Seashells.  Maybe Sybil was jubiliantly selling shells.

Simile – Just like a metaphor, but smilier.

Slide – See Glide above.

Snazzy – The snappy-jazzy combo works for me.

Snowflake – Soft and fluffy and drifty and hushed (and it’s been over 110 degrees F since April).

Sonorous – Grandiloquent in a James Earl Jones or Dennis Haysbert kinda way.  Or like Dumbledore calling for “S-I-I-I-I-I-I-LENCE.”

Spiky – Punky, pointy, porcupiney . . . but not with sticky gel.

Spirit – I love the ups and downs of the letters, the swoop of the “S” leading to the droop of the “p” and then sort of tippy-toeing to the final “t.”

Splash – CANNONBALL!  Who can resist running off the diving board, leaping into the air, tucking into a ball and screaming at the top of your lungs while sending a few gallons of cold water in your sister’s direction.  Hey, I said I was sorry!

Sparkle –  Sparky and Twinkle all in one word.  Brings to mind diamonds, champagne, and um…diamonds.  I love to meet people that have an inner sparkle.  Author Tim Hallinan has a great sparkle.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just the caffeine.

Splendid – How can you say this word without rubbing your hands together under your chin, and smiling?

Squirt – I liked the sour soda, but I don’t like grapefruit.  I like squirt guns (not the super-soaker kind, the regular ones).  This word just squirts out of your mouth.  Just be careful not to spit.

Striation – I think of “strive” and “try.”  Neither one has anything to do with “striation,” but that’s how I hear the word.

Swoosh – Any activity that involves “swooshing” sounds like a hoot!

Synonym – Oooh!  Some “synonym and sugar toast” sounds delicious!  Mr. Synonym introduced me to my best friend, Roget.

Tickle – Tickle precedes giggle.

Translucent – Sounds magical.  Sounds mysterious, luminous and iridescent.

Trill – On a flute or a sax.  Not a piccolo or a clarinet or oboe or a trumpet.  And certainly not a trombone.  A bird, though, is okay.

Twinkle – See sparkle above.  Also, I love eyes that twinkle.

Ubitiquious – An English bulldog of a word.  It’s so ugly, someone’s gotta love it.  Might as well be me.

Uvula – My brother always thought this was a body part hidden in one of the many secret hiding places that girls have.  I don’t mind uvulas unless I see one during an excruciatingly long yawn.  Don’t they have something to do with snoring?

Whippoorwill – It’s a beast to spell, but fun to type.  Two Ws, two Ps, two Os, two Is and two Ls.  What’s not to love?  It sounds kind of plaintive and lonely though.

Whisper – I like nice whispers that are close to your ear, not the librarian kind.

Yeast – Sounds like “yeesch!”

Zip – Just for fun!


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