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August 14, 2008

Everyone Should Be So Lucky . . .

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. . . to have a friend like Susan.  She’s intelligent, honest, thoughtful, empathetic, funny, adventurous, easy-going, articulate, interesting, patient, kind, generous—I could go on and on.  If there is a quality one would desire in a friend, I guarantee that Susan’s got it!  

She likes all the good stuff in life:  dogs, cats, wine, books, and garden-fresh tomatoes.  She doesn’t like chewing gum, coffee or pinchy high-heeled shoes.   Inspired by my own 100 Things post from last week, she compiled her own list and sent it to me via email this morning.  

100 Things About Susan 

  1. I tat and knit, but can’t teach either to anyone.
  2. I’m the youngest of three and the only girl.
  3. I drink wine, sometimes too much.
  4. I love to read.
  5. The only hard liquor I like is Vodka.
  6. I color my hair the color I should be naturally.
  7. I just got my first crown, and it wasn’t in a beauty pageant.
  8. I’ve been married for over 20 years to the same person.
  9. I love my two cats, Abby and Pebbles, even though they wake me up at 3 am.
  10. 3 am is a terrible time to be awake.  The boogey man lives there.
  11. I have few early memories, I was always reading.
  12. I don’t like black pepper, or red, or white.
  13. I can eat medium salsa.
  14. I bought a Mazda 3 the day before Christmas and I love it.
  15. I own a 1965 Mustang convertible.
  16. I like to tent camp.
  17. I think, therefore, I don’t always speak.
  18. I have a BS in forensic science from Sacramento state but somehow ended up a glorified trash person.
  19. I love jewelry but never wear more than two rings at a time and one is always my wedding ring.
  20. I’ve fallen in love with the desert.
  21. I have oily skin and still have acne break outs.
  22. I am a San Francisco Giants fan, even this year when we spent way too much for Zito.  I don’t like football much, so I tend to read during games, they re-play all the good plays anyway.
  23. I do the jobs I hate first, that way everything after that is easy.
  24. I played the violin from junior high school through college.
  25. I used to have an MIA bracelet – Major Howard Stevenson 3/29/72 – I left it at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.
  26. I love my iPod and find it amazing – it seems to have a preference for George Jones.
  27. I make note pads out of scrap paper.
  28. I sometimes love work, but am not terribly ambitious.
  29. I’d rather be busy then bored.
  30. I’d like to lose weight, but haven’t tried really hard in awhile.
  31. I rarely go to movies.
  32. I like the TV series Num3bers, but rarely watch it when it’s on. I tape it.  I have a strange fascination with the reality shows America’s next top model and Project Runway.
  33. I love sushi.
  34. I have lived in California and Nevada, I’m a fourth generation Bay Area Californian.
  35. I have three Canadian cousins.  My brother Mark is 8 hours older than Rita, Bill is 6 weeks older than Eddie and I’m eight days older than Marvin.
  36. I interrupt people too often, but they should talk faster and get to the point quicker.
  37. My family calls me Sue, even though I requested Susan at 12.
  38. I order fish in restaurants.
  39. I like ethnic foods – Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mexican, etc.
  40. I like to drink water.
  41. I memorized the preamble to the constitution by watching schoolhouse rock when I was little.
  42. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches are the BEST summer dinner.
  43. My birthday this year, 08/08/08, was the opening day of the Olympics in China.
  44. I donate to public radio.
  45. I attend the Las Vegas Philharmonic.
  46. My iPod is only half full.
  47. I am organized at work, not so much at home.
  48. I can herd cats (actually people) at work.
  49. I’m known for editing at work – why use 10 words when 2 will do?
  50. I edit on hardcopies because I can’t do it on the computer.  But I write better on the computer then on paper.
  51. I keep a logbook at work, otherwise I wouldn’t remember what I did.
  52. e-mail is amazing to me and too many people use it so they don’t have to talk to you.
  53. I miss travel.
  54. I don’t like to eat breakfast.
  55. I’d rather stay up late.
  56. I like to stargaze and bird watch.
  57. I like the heat, even the dry heat.
  58. I keep a sweater at work for the summer.
  59. I want to be a tourist when I retire.
  60. I haven’t golfed in over a year.
  61. I think I listen well, but don’t always remember what I heard.  I can tune out people and noise more easily then I used to.  Comes from working in a cubicle.
  62. I take notes during boring meetings to stay awake.
  63. I like to listen to “science Friday” and “wait, wait don’t tell me” podcasts.
  64. I hide my three-hole punch at work.
  65. I like a clean desk.
  66. Clutter makes me itchy, to de-clutter, not to clean.
  67. My blue room is the best place to read, knit, and talk.
  68. I wish I had more shade in my backyard.
  69. I like having every other Friday off.
  70. I’ve memorized parts of Alexander Pope’s essay on criticism.  “ten censure wrong for one who writes amiss.”
  71. I like the comic strips:  Dilbert, Zits, For Better or Worse, and Over the Hedge.
  72. I try not to talk just to make noise, and people who do irritate me.
  73. I HATE making mistakes.
  74. I always have a good comeback, not at the time mind you, but hours later.
  75. I sometimes have to get out of bed to write something down so my brain will go to sleep – usually this happens if I’m upset about something.
  76. I’m finding this easier than expected.
  77. I have way too many shoes in my closet.
  78. I like to bake, but rarely eat what I bake.
  79. I like the people I work with and for.
  80. I’m shallow, not Paris Hilton shallow, but shallow.  Let’s face it, I don’t care about a lot of things.
  81. I wear glasses and find them easier than contacts.
  82. I like to get pedicures but for some reason am always watching the clock when I get them done.
  83. I rarely wear make-up, yet I have a drawer full in my bathroom.
  84. I haven’t found my passion, I don’t even know if I’m looking.
  85. I’m afraid of health care costs.
  86. I think daylight savings time is silly.
  87. I wish I spoke two languages and don’t understand people who think everyone should speak English – do they know how hard it is to learn?
  88. I like lavender – soap, plant, scent, and ice cream – yes ice cream, it tastes just like it smells!
  89. I like appetizers.
  90. I used to pretend to be Sherlock Holmes and had a Watson.
  91. I wear my seatbelt – ALWAYS.
  92. I have a good reputation at work for getting things done, so I get the hard jobs.
  93. I don’t like to take naps, they make me groggy.
  94. I have two piercings in each ear and try to always wear earrings.
  95. I coordinate my outfits to my jewelry, not the other way around.
  96. Did you know security people are paranoid?, I do.
  97. I have a personal digital assistant.  I had a better one, but gave it to my brother when it became a prohibited item at work – see number 96.
  98. I would like to retire early but am afraid I’ll outlive my money.
  99. I’m a registered Democrat, but have voted republican (not in the last 8 years though).  I tend to be more liberal than my friends – maybe because I lived in California – but wait, so did my brothers and they are much more conservative than I am.
  100. I used to hate WORD.  Now I just find it irritating.


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