An Uncapped Pen

March 10, 2008


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Ten Things You Wish You Could Say Right Now:

1. Shut up about the trolling motors already.

2. No, you can’t talk to my boss. I’ll never put your call through, so stop calling.

3. Make your own copies.

4. No, you can’t use my stapler. Use your own.

5. No, I can’t do you a favor.

6. Give me back my pen and don’t even THINK about touching it again!

7. Hi Dad. I’ve missed you.

8. Come to grandma, doodlebug.

9. Thank you for completing your timesheet and turning it in on time.

10. I quit. I’m staying home to write full-time.

Nine Things About Yourself:

1. I’m a Wisconsin Vegetarian (eggs and cheese).

2. I’ve lived in the desert since 1984 (with the exception of two years when I finished college).

3. I’m a grandma.

4. I’m addicted to wintergreen lifesavers.

5. I prefer lilacs to roses.

6. I sing when I drive (and sometimes I pray, too).

7. The texture of some food (beans, peanut butter, coconut) makes me gag (and don’t even mention Tapioca).

8. I play the flute occasionally.

9. I have two nicknames: Cio Cio Ree Ree, and Aunt Sweetpea

Eight Ways to Win Your Heart:

1. Lilacs

2. Look into my eyes

3. Ask to read my latest draft

4. Chocolate

5. Well-balanced speedy gel pens

6. Let me pick the music

7. Ask me to talk about The Unit

8. Hold my hand

Seven Things On Your Mind A Lot:

1. Casual Duty

2. The Unit

3. How will I pay for . . . [insert anything here]?

4. Conor and Samantha

5. What did I do with my Lifesavers?

6. Where’s [insert name of whatever book I’m reading here]?

7. Do I have any new comments?

Six Things I Wish I Never Did:

1. Bite my nails

2. Develop a sarcastic tongue

3. Lie

4. Develop the habit of drinking wine

5. Borrow money

6. Lose my temper

Five Things That Turn You Off:

1. Lying

2. Obvious lack of respect

3. Bad breath (or bad smells, in general)

4. Pushy-grabby aggression

5. Icky teeth

Four Turn Ons:

1. Gentleness

2. A good shoulder-to-waist ratio

3. Sparkly eyes

4. Good teeth

Three Things To Do Before You Die:

1. Publish a novel

2. Summer in Paris

3. Let go of clutter

Two Things That Infuriate You:

1. Getting stuck in traffic behind a pokey idiot

2. Injustice

One Confession:

1. I’m always daydreaming. Even when I’m deep in conversation with someone, 90% of my mind is elsewhere — fantasizing, writing, imagining, drifting. While driving, while writing, while eating. Always. And I love it.



  1. Ok girlfriend…this one’s for you. Come over my house in about a week or two and I am going to have a lilac tree FILLED with lilacs!!!!!!!

    Woo Hoo! This has never happened!
    Last year I got 2 and a half blossoms and two years before that (when the Pope died), I got 2 blossoms.

    I went out on Saturday morning to check out the lilac and to see if it was coming out of dormancy and instead of green stuff…I have purple stuff, especially on the top part of the tree. I did this major happy dance in front of the tree. Hubby just shook his head. :-)

    I am just so jazzed!

    Comment by angel — March 10, 2008 @ 10:05 pm | Reply

  2. Tee Hee! Angel, my lilac bush is ready to explode, too. I was doing the happy dance this morning with The Beast. (She loves anything that makes Mama do the happy dance!)

    Be sure and post your pictures when it blooms, since it probably won’t wait until the end of April for me to see it!

    Comment by cindylv — March 10, 2008 @ 10:15 pm | Reply

  3. Exploding lilac bushes…film at 11. ;-)

    Comment by angel — March 11, 2008 @ 12:25 am | Reply

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