An Uncapped Pen

June 14, 2007

The Things I Carry

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With apologies to Tim O’Brien.

A Tumi purse, black, with a long, wide strap.

1- ugly lipstick
1- chapstick
8 – pennies (subject of a future entry: Take Pennies!)
9 – business cards I’ve collected in the previous 2 months
1- voided check made out to Lowe’s for $1533.51 for flooring (They wouldn’t take it because the phone line to the bank was down and they couldn’t verify funds.)
2 – Uniball Vision Elite Blue/Black Bold Gel Pens
1- MaxPerks Card
1- Company Credit Card
1- Saxby’s Coffee Club Card
1- 1965 Quarter (no state, just an eagle)
Various deposit receipts
Another Blue/Black Uniball pen
1 – Carousle Lollipop (Cinnamon) – Nope. scratch that one. I’ve unwrapped it….
2 – more Uniballs
Compact (Fair Ivory)
Kleenex Pocket Pak (Future entry: Spontaneous Tears)
1 – Immodium pill
Rewetting Drops for Contacts
Grandson Photos
Hallmark Membership Rewards Card
Port-A-Subs Loyal Customer Rewards Program Card (2 years old – not too loyal)
OnStar Card
Cancelled Check from 22 June 86
1 – Funf Deutsche Mark note (1963)
1 – 2 dollar bill
A ton of cash ($47)
1 – .37 self-sticking stamp (American Flag)
1 – fetish in a leather bag
1 – ziplok baggie with 8 generic Ibuprofen
1 – MontBlanc Pen (Greta Garbo) w/carrying case

Gift Bag w/a Lutron Business Card stapled to the outside

2 – Books
3×5 notecards
Miscellaneous notes and pages I’m reworking
Blank scene worksheets
2 – Uniballs
1 – set of home/office keys
1 – car key
2 – bills to be mailed (no stamps!)
3 – Father’s Day cards to be mailed (no stamps!)


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