An Uncapped Pen

100 Things About Me

1.  I am judgmental.  Sorry, about that.  I’m working on giving people more than a few seconds before I decide on their box.  

2.  I have the zoomiest attention span I’ve ever encountered.

3.  I write.

4. I daydream when I’m not writing, and sometimes when I am.  Oh, and that’s not a dumb look on my face.  It’s my thinking face.  I can see how one might confuse the two.

5.  I knit.  Until I lose patience or my attention wanders off.  Then I stuff the WIP in the pile and move on.

6.  I’m nuts about pens and nice paper.  Lately, I’m into graph paper…all those tiny boxes to fill!

7.  I’m curious and ask questions.  In fact, I admit that my interrogation drive may be overdeveloped.  Just ask one of my victims.

8. I’m a vegetarian — no meat, no fish, no chicken. But I love cheese, and I do eat eggs.  I call myself a “Wisconsin-Vegetarian.”

9.  I served in the US Army, 1980 – 1984.

10.  I have a BS in Psychology from Northern Arizona University (Go Jacks!)

11.  I keep the cremains of my former pets.  Apparently, I have issues with letting go and closure.

12.  I traded in my gorgeous Cadillac sedan, a true “princess car”, for a Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck on a whim.  I may, in fact, be whimsical.

13.  I’m a grandma (step-grandma, technically).

14.  I am an aggressive driver who is actively pursuing alternative mindsets behind the wheel.  This month my approach is:  “Let’s make room on the road for all God’s children.”  Don’t laugh.  It seems to be working.

15.  I hate shopping.  I’d rather watch Australian Rules Football on TV than go shoe shopping.

16.  I know how to change a tire and check the oil.  But I’d rather someone else do it.  It’s icky.

17.  I love naps.

18.  I prefer white wine to red, usually.  I’m getting better at not gagging when I taste red, though.

19.  I think the sky is actually bigger in Montana.

20.  Even at 47, I’m amazed that I can put a letter into a tin box on the corner of my street, and in three days my brother finds it on the floor by his front door…for pennies.

21.  I don’t know how telephones work.  Or televisions or the internet.

22.  I dn txt. evr.

23.  Spiders and roachy-looking bugs?  I know they can’t possibly hurt me, but I’m not coming down from the ceiling until they’re dead.  And please don’t leave the carcass in plain sight in the trashcan.  Can’t you cover it with a tissue or something?  I do like ladybugs.

24.  I love wintergreen lifesavers.  It’s not natural how much I love those candies.

25.  I smoked a few times in high school.  I couldn’t quite get the hang of it.

26.  I love to get pedicures, but I haven’t been to the dentist in ten years.

27.  I wish I were taller.  Six foot three, for some reason.  That seems like a good height.

28.  I’m a middle child, second oldest of five.

29.  I wave to the International Space Station when it flies over my backyard.  “Hello from Las Vegas!” I shout, too.

30.  I fill the bird feeder in my backyard, and love to watch my dog chase the pigeons away.  That may be kind of cruel, but whatever makes Bailey happy.

31.  I am de-cluttering my clutter room.  It hurts, but I’m tired of all that stuff dragging me down.

32.  I love the Cubs.  And it is finally Next Year!

33.  The infield fly rule is stupid.  And so is the designated hitter rule.

34.  I have a major crush on Max Martini.  And Benjamin Bratt.  And Freddie Couples.  And JFK, Jr.   And …. never mind.

35.  I listen to the same CD, and sometimes the same song, over and over and over…for months.  This month is SuperNatural by Santana.

36.  I procrastinate.

37.  Despite what everyone on the internet seems to think, I don’t have a small penis.  Or erectile dysfunction.  And “my gurlfend” is not “laffing at my bedroom tool”.

38.  I never answer the phone in my house.  I screen, using an old-fashioned answering machine.

39.  No call waiting or any of those other services.

40.  I always buckle up for safety.

41.  I’m not afraid of heights and can look down over the edge.  I get horrendously dizzy if I stand at the bottom and look up, though.

42.  I fear the abyss.

43.  I used to scuba dive.

44.  I like cheese pizza.  Sometimes I add tomatoes and onions.

45.  Just thinking about some foods, mushrooms, olives, okra, peas, green peppers, is enough to make me gag.

46.  I stay up too late, clicking, clicking, clicking…for no apparent reason.

47.  Lilacs make me smile.  Tulips, too.

48.  I tried skiing.  Skis do not like me.  I do like hot chocolate in the lodge watching others shoosh.

49.  I shot expert, 39 of 40, on the 300 meter range in basic training.  This chick can shoot!

50.  I used to ride a Yamaha Riva scooter.

51.  My memory is a leaky sieve, with a single strip of flypaper.  Most thoughts flutter away, but occasionally, something sticks FOREVER!  Like the tag line from the Longfellow poem I memorized my sophomore year of high school, “The boy’s will is the wind’s will and the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts.”

52.  I cannot even think of leaving the house or going to bed without first brushing my teeth.  I don’t do the flossing thing unless I’ve eaten popcorn.

53.  I’ve eaten popcorn for dinner, on occasion.

54.  I live for bruschetta.

55.  I have ventricular tachycardia and have to take medicine daily.  Once a year, my cardiologist and I discuss the option of having a defibrillator implanted in my chest.  

56.  I seem to catch pneumonia more often than most.

57.  I recently had whooping cough.

58.  I was 2d MI Soldier of the year in 1982.

59.  I got married too young, for all the wrong reasons, in 1982.

60.  I got married again in 1992, for several very good reasons, but I still didn’t understand that marriages need a lot of work, a lot of patience, a lot of understanding, a lot of forgiveness, a lot of give and take.

61.  When I walk my dog in the evening and we discover that someone in our neighborhood has left their garage door open, I will ring their doorbell and tell them.  I would have been a GREAT hall monitor, back in the day.

62.  One nephew calls me “Cio Cio Rhee Rhee”, one calls me “Aunt Sweetpea.”  My nieces call me “Auntie Cindy.”  My grandson calls me “Grandmop.”

63.  I finish people’s sentences.  I often wish I could just press a “re-boot” button on some people’s foreheads.  They need it.

64.  I get a little skeeved when I sit down and the chair is warm from the last butt.

65.  I always look at the receiver before I put it to my ear.  Not my own phone, though.

66.  I hate the botherers at the mall.  “Excuse me.  Can I ask you a question?”  GGGrrrrrrrr…..

67.  I still have my flute and still play it.

68.  I get tetchy sometimes.  I just pull a cloud over my head, curl up and rock the blues away.

69.  I’m not very careful with knives.

70.  I fall asleep on long drives, if I’m not driving.

71.  When I’m driving, I hate to stop and stretch.  If you’re gonna drive, drive dammit!

72.  I get irrationally angry at people who chat on their phones while driving.

73.  I have to restrain myself from jumping out of my truck and throttling people who toss cigarette butts out of their car windows.

74.  I like blue popsicles (raspberry flavored).

75.  I have been accused of having an overdeveloped sense of responsibility.

76.  I don’t understand how early man looked at a fish (or a dinosaur) and thought to himself, “If I cut off the head and throw away these squiggly parts, I bet I could eat what’s left.”

77.  I don’t like rap.

78.  I stuck a key in a light switch once.

79.  I choked on butterscotch candy on two separate occasions one summer when I was about seven.  To this day, I get a little anxious when I eat a throat-shaped candy.  Maybe that’s the attraction of lifesavers?

80.  I love teaching in front of a class.

81.  I usually have at least 4 or 5 books I’m reading.  One on the nightstand, one in the bathroom, one next to the couch, one in the car, one in my purse, and a stack on the counter in the hallway from which I draw as needed.

82.  I’m embarrassed by my lack of facility with numbers.  At the same time, I am stunned silent when I am with someone who can’t calculate 10% without a calculator and at least two tries.

83.  The smell of baby powder causes phantom pain in the uterus I no longer have.

84.  I prefer an aisle seat.

85.  I love almond cookies, shortbread, and Madelines.

86.  Sometimes in my daydreams, I’m a secret agent in a foreign country…and I really shouldn’t say any more.  I probably said too much.

87.  I can drive stick, but I haven’t in a really long time.

88.  Sometimes when I’m hiking, I find myself marching along the path with my head down, focused on accumulating distance I guess.  I get angry at myself for not looking around and enjoying the view.

89.  My favorite road is Schnebley Hill Road, from I-17 to Sedona, Arizona.

90.  I like to drive a different route every day.

91.  I’m not a great maneuver-er in a city.  Can’t park worth a darn, and don’t ask me to back up.  But I can drive long distances without complaint.

92.  Plain vanilla and plain chocolate are my favorite ice creams.  Maybe some chocolate or caramel sauce. Whipped cream is okay.  No fruit, no mix-ins, no weird stuff.

93.  Butter lettuce, blue cheese, red onion, walnuts and a little balsamic…now that’s a salad! (Ensalata Bleu – Macaroni Grill).

94.  Did I mention the bruschetta?

95.  I love to spend my Fridays alone at home without talking to anyone.  And no TV.  I get up when I wake up, drink coffee on the patio.  I read.  I write.  I listen to music.  I daydream. I  do laundry and hang wash outside.

96.  I miss my Mom and Dad.

97.  I’ve lived in Wisconsin, Arizona, Germany, California and Nevada.  I’ve navigated all over the US, a lot of Europe, a little of Peru and Mexico.  I can’t find my way around the expressways in Chicago where I grew up.  I just can’t do it.  Not with a map.  Not with a GPS.  Not with my brother on the phone hollering directions at me as I miss yet another exit.  Has anyone else noticed that all the expressways are similar?  90, 94, 194, 190, 290, 294.  And the names?  The Dan Ryan, The Eisenhower, The Kennedy.  The names aren’t on the signs and the no one uses the numbers when they give you directions.  On my last trip I had driven 1800 miles without a single wrong turn.  Then I spent almost $20 circling between (or would that be among) three roads paying tolls as I entered and exited and entered and exited.  I coulda’ thrown a rock and hit my brother’s house, but I couldn’t figure out how to get there from the darn road!

98.  I don’t think I could live anywhere that didn’t get 350 days of sunshine every year.  I would really love some rain, though.

99.  I think two cats and two dogs is the perfect number of pets.  I’m a little short in the dog department right now.

100.  I love candles.



  1. Good thing I was going to read it anyway. :-)

    Nice list and a very nice intro to the person who is you.

    Hey Boo! :-)

    Comment by angel — July 26, 2008 @ 11:23 am | Reply

  2. Thanks, Angel! How ’bout a 100 Things post on your blog?
    (Wasn’t it great to ‘see’ Boo?)

    Comment by cindylv — July 26, 2008 @ 5:03 pm | Reply

  3. 15. I hate shopping. I’d rather watch Australian Rules Football on TV than go shoe shopping.

    So it’s a good thing I’ve been keeping you supplied with shoes

    26. I love to get pedicures, but I haven’t been to the dentist in ten years.

    Ewwww ….. expect a phone call

    27. I wish I were taller. Six foot three, for some reason. That seems like a good height.

    You’re already taller than me … you’re tall enough

    38. I never answer the phone in my house. I screen, using an old-fashioned answering machine.

    I can vouch for this. Somewhat annoying

    78. I stuck a key in a light switch once.

    I remember that. The rest of us found it funny but Mom was scared

    Not with my brother on the phone hollering directions at me as I miss yet another exit.

    That would be the same brother who tried to drive from Manchester, England to Glasgow, Scotland with directions from a relative who doesn’t drive …. “turn right at the 2nd roundabout, go three bus stops and turn left, its the last house on the right, just chap the door and we’ll see you soon.”

    Comment by Your big sister — August 19, 2008 @ 2:32 am | Reply

  4. Hi Carrie!

    Don’t I always say “Thank you” for the shoes?

    Re: Dentist: Will you come out here and hold my hand like you used to when I was five? (Maybe I should just come up there and you could take me to Ben and Danny’s pediatric dentist?)

    Re: Taller: I can’t quite reach the top shelf in my closet. I just know there’s some good stuff up there (stuff you probably gave me!).

    Re: Phone: Sorry. Maybe if you called more often instead of telemarketers, I’d answer more often.

    Re: Key in light switch. I think I was mad at you and you locked yourself in the bathroom. Hey, I’m STILL mad at you for that!

    Re: Brother/Directions: Yep. The same brother. The same brother who (with our youngest brother) rode his motorcycle out from Chicago to Southern Arizona to help me move from college, who’s bike broke down outside of Denver, who was rescued by a carload of stewardesses, who never left their hotel room for four days? That brother? Yep. Same one.

    Thanks for reading. And don’t be such a stranger!

    Comment by cindylv — August 19, 2008 @ 2:45 am | Reply

  5. amazing ! a great “about” in a very fresh way. I love to write.And as you are a writer it is nice to meet you! Visit me at and feel free to comment. your friend!

    Comment by divine love — September 12, 2008 @ 9:53 am | Reply

  6. Cindy,I loved reading these! Thanks for sharing! You are a very good writer! Do you write stories? I have not looked more at this site. (sorry, no time this morning). So where do you keep the animal remains??? I remember your curiosity!!! Yes, you were a questioner!! I like when people finish sentences! Wish I could sit down for a cup of coffee with you and reminisce! xoxo wendy

    Comment by Wendy — January 29, 2009 @ 12:10 pm | Reply

  7. Thanks for your kind words, Wendy! I’m working on a novel called “Casual Duty” (see the top right column of the blog when you have time. I keep Esther , Lady M, Tasha and Corky in their “cremains” containers in my hallway closet (uh, Bob doesn’t know that’s what they are, so don’t tell him!).

    Next trip to the snowy midwest, I promise to carve out some time for coffee and your kids. I’ve got loads of stories to tell them about their Mom (and some of them are even TRUE!)


    Comment by cindylv — January 30, 2009 @ 5:11 am | Reply

  8. This was loads of fun, and I stole your idea; hope you don’t mind, I did link back to your blog! #35: OMG!!! There’s someone else who does this!! I thought I was the only weirdo like that. #78: I have to ask, why? and what happened when you did?

    Thanks for the chuckles and the interesting insights into the wonder of You.

    Comment by Piglet, MPH — April 3, 2009 @ 8:14 pm | Reply

  9. Re: #35 – Playing the same CD/Song over and over: I’m not sure why. Maybe I need to receive some sort of message from it, or the rhythm/melody is soothing to some rough spot. BTW: This month is: Sharon Little – A Perfect Time For A Breakdown.

    Re: 78 – Sticking a Key in the Light Switch. I’m really not sure. I believe a fugue state was involved! I was angry at my sister and she’d locked herself in the bathroom. My parents weren’t home. I remember running into my parent’s bedroom and finding the key to the bathroom door. I remember dragging the key across the grooves in the wood paneling of their bedroom wall. I remember tracing the outline of the switchplate. And I distinctly remember jammin it into the slot next to the switch mechanism. I remember a poof of smoke and the flash of light. I remember picking myself up off the floor. I remember my sister coming out of the bathroom to see what I’d done. And I remember lying to my Mom about it later, saying that Carrie had done it. I remember the scorch mark being on the wall for a year or so afterwards. But Why? Hmmm….. It must have been the devil that made me do it!

    No, I don’t mind you stealing the idea. The more MeMes, the better we know each other!

    Comment by cindylv — April 4, 2009 @ 5:08 am | Reply

  10. Yikes. How far across the floor did house current shove you?

    I locked myself in the bathroom once, when I was about 3 or 4. Mom eventually had to call the police to come and drill out the door lock. When she prompted me to thank the nice policemen for coming to help me out of trouble, my response was, “oh… was I in trouble?” For the record: OH, yeah. I was in trouble.

    Re: #76: I assume early man was observing other creatures in his environment, saw them eat the fish (head, squiggly parts and all) and not die, and figured he could do the same. What *I* wonder is why he thought to cut off the head and take out the guts…

    Comment by Piglet, MPH — April 6, 2009 @ 9:16 pm | Reply

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